Some people do not know what they are shopping for when choosing what type of hay to purchase. What is the difference between straw and hay? What is the difference between species of grass? Decide your application and step into our classroom here and learn a few basics of Hay.

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"HAY THERE!" specials

Occasionally, we offer discounts on our hay products such as "Buy it off the Wagon!" when we discount our prices as much as 40%.  These specials are advertised on short notice, usually on days we are making hay or moving inventory.

Online Request Form and Hay Delivery Information

From Our Barn to Yours!

Customers are always welcome to schedule a pick up at the farm to avoid delivery charges.  Call 845-360-5772 to schedule your pick up.

Delivery Orders

We can deliver locally for orders of 10-100 bales.  Our delivery service is calculated at a rate of $60 per hour driving time (based on Google Maps round trip), plus the loading and unloading time of our truck.  A credit card is required to hold your delivery reservation.  We often load our truck the night before your delivery, so a 24-hour cancellation policy is in effect.

Example of a Delivery Order Calculation:

Customer requests 70 bales to be delivered 30 minutes away from Wagon Wheel Farm as listed on Google Maps:

30 minutes loading + 30 minutes unloading + 1 hr drive time (round trip) = 2 hours total time
The cost for the delivery in this example is $120.

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