The Freshest Eggs

Happy Chickens, Great Eggs

$4.00 per dozen

Local Delivery Available See Details Below

 Why Cage-free? We say Why Not??

  • Chickens are allowed to lay eggs in a nest and perch naturally.
  • Less prone to sickness, 25 times healthier than caged chickens (Source: Penn State)
  • Antibiotic and Hormone-free
  • Free to exercise and graze for forage in the natural environment
  • More humane and cleaner

The Pullets We Raise

Contact us to arrange pick-up or local delivery of Fresh Eggs!

Now delivering just the way the milk man used to - for Goshen, New Hampton, Warwick, Florida, Chester, Washingtonville and Pine Island. 

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We are opening during Winter from 7 am – 5 pm featuring hay, eggs, maple syrup and straw