The Freshest Eggs

Happy Chickens, Great Eggs

$5.00 per dozen

 Why Cage-free? We say Why Not??

  • Chickens are allowed to lay eggs in a nest and perch naturally.
  • Less prone to sickness, 25 times healthier than caged chickens (Source: Penn State)
  • Antibiotic and Hormone-free
  • Free to exercise and graze for forage in the natural environment
  • More humane and cleaner

The Pullets We Raise

Isa Brown Pullets

Isa Brown Pullets are the original layers that started Wagon Wheel Farm in 2015. These birds are hybrids of Rhode Island Reds and Rhode Island Whites first developed in 1997. We have found them to be the best layers with Hard-to-believe HUGE eggs. In addition we have found them to have absolutely awesome temperament and are very social with both their own likes and humans.


White Leghorns

​White Leghorns were added to our flock in 2017 to meet the requests for White Eggs. White Leghorns are a much older breed, dating back before 1830 and very good layers. These are our own "Foghorn Leghorns."


We are opening during Winter from 7 am – 5 pm featuring hay, eggs, maple syrup and straw