We offer a variety of forage products to meet your needs. Organic options are available and ALL our hay is produced acid-free

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"HAY THERE!" specials

Occasionally, we offer discounts on our hay products such as "Buy it off the Wagon!" when we discount our prices as much as 40%.  These specials are advertised on short notice, usually on days we are making hay or moving inventory.

First Cutting Timothy Grass

Timothy grass hay is typically considered a staple for livestock, including cattle, horses, rabbits & cavy.  The first cutting of the season is much higher in fiber compared to other cuts. The first cutting is sometimes stalky and also drier than other cuts of hay.  Our Timothy grass hay is a mixed hay with smaller components of other grass species such as Fescue & Orchard, and may contain some clover.

​Our First Cutting Grass Hay is Pesticide-free and we offer cuts from certified organic fields.  

First Cutting Grass Hay $7/bale (01/22);

Discounts offered for orders of 500 or more.  Local delivery available (see delivery section for details and pricing).

Second Cutting Timothy Grass

In the Orange County area, 2nd cut Timothy is cut in late July or early August. It has a higher leaf to stem ratio than the 1st cutting. It also has a beautiful green color, has some stem and seed heads, but a lot more leaf than 1st cutting. The 2nd cut Timothy we supply is high in fiber and is cut early so there is plenty of nutrition in the hay. The stems are much smaller than 1st cutting. This is softer to the touch than first cutting.  

Second Cutting Hay $9 (01/22)


First Cutting Canary Grass

Our Certified Organic Canary Grass has a thicker stem and is drier than the Timothy Grass.  Some animals are sensitive to moisture in the hay; Canary grass has a very low moisture content.  The stalks are yellow with green leaves. Canary has a very high fiber content (12-15%) compared to Timothy Grass (6-8% fiber).  Canary grass generally has a lower protein (6%) compared to Timothy Grass (8%).

Mulch Hay

Good hay must be baled within 5 days of mowing.  In the event of unexpected rainy weather, we are unable to bale the hay within the 5 day window.  The product is still clean, but much of the nutrients have been leached from the hay resulting in a brown color.  It is in this case that we bale mulch hay.

Mulch hay is not one of our focal crops, but if the weather is uncooperative and rainy, we may have a significant amount of mulch hay in stock.  

Mulch Hay $5 (01/22)

Discounts offered for orders of 500 or more.


Our Rye Straw and our First Cutting Grass hay both won First Place at the 2018 New Jersey State Fair.  Hay and Straw are judged based on color, weed count, moisture content, and density.  


Wheat Straw

Wheat straw has a variety of uses but is most commonly used for bedding.  Clean fibers are softer than Rye straw, but also less durable. These bales shake and fluff out easily.  This straw will be more earthy in color and not as shiny or waxy as Rye Straw.

Rye Straw

Rye straw is the longest baled plant available.  It is bright yellow with a shiny, waxy finish. This product is usually used in racetrack bedding, but has many applications including fall decoration, erosion control and everyday livestock bedding.


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Hay & Straw Prices

First Cutting Hay $7 (01/22)
First Cutting Organic $7 (01/22)
Second Cutting Hay $9 (01/22)
Mulch Hay $5 (01/22)
Customers are always welcome to schedule a pick up at the farm to avoid delivery charges.  Call 845-360-5772 to schedule your pick up.

Delivery Orders

We can deliver locally for orders of 10-100 bales.  Our delivery service is calculated at a rate of $60 per hour driving time (based on Google Maps round trip), plus the loading and unloading time of our truck.  A credit card is required to hold your delivery reservation.  We often load our truck the night before your delivery, so a 24-hour cancellation policy is in effect.

Example of a Delivery Order Calculation:

Customer requests 70 bales to be delivered 30 minutes away from Wagon Wheel Farm as listed on Google Maps:

30 minutes loading + 30 minutes unloading + 1 hr drive time (round trip) = 2 hours total time
The cost for the delivery in this example is $120.

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